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Retirement Myths Busted: Tools and Resources you can use to help yourself successfully make the non-financial transition to retirement

We know that women live longer than men yet studies show they have less retirement savings and are less prepared for retirement.

But retirement preparedness takes a lot more than just ensuring you have enough money. This interview is a reminder that financial happiness and well-being should be viewed wholistically with other non-financial aspects in order to make the best choices to prepare for retirement. Ideally you want an understanding of both financial and non-financial concerns so that you can weigh the pros and cons of all sides. Nancy Nelson, CFP ®, sold her financial planning practice in 2012 after more than 30 years as a fee-only planner. Nancy now mentors fellow retirees, and their advisors, on how to ease the transition from meaningful work to a meaningful retirement. Her hope is that as Baby Boomers are moving into retirement that they will change the entire approach to retirement just as they have changed every other life stage that they have passed through. And with encouragement from professionals they trust, she believes there can be a tremendous release of energy and talents that will truly change the world.

Nancy C. Nelson, CFP ®

Nancy retired from her thirty-plus years as a fee-only financial planner in 2012. While she was in private practice, she always enjoyed asking her clients questions, listening, and helping them strategize alternative ways to get where they wanted to go (as well as figuring out just where that destination might be). One reason she left comprehensive planning was to help herself and others focus on the sometimes thorny issues that can pop up after reaching the long-awaited life stage of no longer needing to work for money:

•    Who am I without my job title?
•    How will I fill the 2000 plus hours I used to spend working and commuting in ways that leave me feeling relaxed and content, but also energized and enthusiastic?
•    I have a track record of reaching my goals, I’m just not sure what goals I want to set for myself in this next phase of my life.
•    Has anyone else ever felt adrift when they retire? Isn’t it supposed to be just endless bliss?

Nancy’s ideal client is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead, but also a bit apprehensive about how to fill their days in a way that balances structure and flexibility, effort and ease, meaningful pursuits and time for just good old puttering around. In her new role as a mentor, Nancy continues to help clients step away from the Madison-Avenue version of an ideal retirement life. Based on her own retirement experiences, and those of clients and friends, she has developed a unique system of worksheets, introspection, and exercises that help people decide what to leave behind, what to keep doing, and what to try on just for size. The only way you can fail is to not try.

Nancy and her husband Dan Fender are walking the walk of a unique, simple, and fulfilling BeyondEnough life. For seven months of the year they live in the log home south of Olympia Washington, where they raised their daughter Andrea. The remaining five months of the year they spend in their casita above San Rafael de Heredia, Costa Rica, where they are turning part of a former coffee farm into habitat that both native wildlife and humans can enjoy. Nancy’s hobbies and interests change over time, but currently she loves to read, plays Irish fiddle, enjoys birdwatching and amateur astronomy, has begun looking into her roots, and is exploring her artistic side by creating a mosaic on a 65 foot retaining wall (with a little help from her friends!).

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