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A convergence of circumstances and demographics has created an opportunity in the financial planning profession that we cannot ignore.


Shifting societal needs are forecasting an unprecedented demand for professional financial planners over the coming years. The aging population, longevity risk, and the retirement income responsibility shift from employers to ill-equipped employees continue to drive demand. The U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, in updating its Occupational Outlook Handbook, has projected an extremely positive job outlook for financial planners with a growth of 30 percent through 2024— much faster than related professions.


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New USF Program Hopes To Turn Out Next Generation Of Financial Planners


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USF to offer new personal financial planning degree


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Want to be a personal financial planner? USF unveils a degree to help fill talent pipeline.


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Become Empowered to Make the Best Financial Decisions For Your Life

There is a difference between financial advice based upon high quality scientific principals and agenda driven information. Most information and programs in the media are designed to sell you something. Even the “experts” in the media have agendas and biases. If nothing else they want to grab your attention and hook you into watching. Entertainment is not quality advice. What you receive are sound bites and stories but what you want is a real understanding so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your life. We get it and that is what we promise to offer - genuine unbiased and objective, high quality information. Our objective is to empower you to use money to positively impact your life.

WoMEN is a network of Women Helping Women.

  • We support women financial planning professionals
  • We support women who want to learn more about their situation with money and want to learn more about money in general
  • We provide opportunities for women to connect, to get the support they need from compassionate and intelligent women who want to help.

We are women helping women.

WMEN’s Mission:

  • To positively change the way the financial services industry works and the role that women play within the financial services organizations.
  • To positively change the way women think when they engage with money and to inspire them to take control over their finances so that they can live life on their terms.


Wishing you the financial freedom to live your life on your terms