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Laura Mattia, Ph.D., CFP®, MBA


Laura Mattia is a Sarasota fee-only financial advisor who specializes in women's issues. Her doctoral dissertation is on the financial literacy gender gap.


Few people have the unique combination of financial work and educational experience that Mattia has acquired. Her experience includes advanced financial degrees and certifications, and over 30 years of financial leadership experience as a CFO/controller for Fortune 500 companies, Wall Street firms, individuals preparing for retirement, and as a finance professor at Rutgers University.

Most importantly, Mattia is dedicated to inspiring women to become engaged in working with money and improving financial literacy for women as the radio show host of WoMEN with Laura Mattia and the author of a monthly finance column appearing in ABC News.com called Women’s Money Empowerment.

Mattia has received recognitions such as the Biz (941)’s Women of Influence in Sarasota, Florida, the NJBIZ Best 50 Women in Business and the Five Star Wealth Manager awards. She is a contributor to various publications and media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Investment News, Channel 12 and speaks for organizations and events of all sizes.

Laura's Community Service

She is a member of the Sarasota Chamber of Commerce, Pine View School Association Treasurer, a volunteer at the Sarasota Safe Place and Rape Crisis Center (SPARCC). Laura is a board member of the Sarasota FPA Suncoast Chapter, the Treasurer of the FPA of Florida and a host of the Women’s initiative of the FPA and the Certified Financial Planning Board. She is also on the planned giving board at Montclair State University. Prior community service includes working as a captain of the Morristown Soup Kitchen in Morristown NJ and providing pro-bono work through NAPFA, FPA and Junior Achievement.

Laura’s Inspiration and happiness

Laura is a mom of four children who inspire her every day. She is proud of her older boys who are now living their own amazing lives. She is further energized by the possibilities for her teenage girls. They are smart, engaged and powerful. They know they have the responsibility to take control over all aspects of their lives so that they can choose their own destiny. Laura is in heaven when she is working out at her oldest son’s Cross Fit gym with her husband and all four children. “There is nothing better than being with the people I love, working together to encourage and motivate our best selves, each on our own quest of the heroes journey!”




Become Empowered to Make the Best Financial Decisions For Your Life

There is a difference between financial advice based upon high quality scientific principals and agenda driven information. Most information and programs in the media are designed to sell you something. Even the “experts” in the media have agendas and biases. If nothing else they want to grab your attention and hook you into watching. Entertainment is not quality advice. What you receive are sound bites and stories but what you want is a real understanding so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your life. We get it and that is what we promise to offer - genuine unbiased and objective, high quality information. Our objective is to empower you to use money to positively impact your life.

WoMEN is a network of Women Helping Women.

  • We support women financial planning professionals
  • We support women who want to learn more about their situation with money and want to learn more about money in general
  • We provide opportunities for women to connect, to get the support they need from compassionate and intelligent women who want to help.

We are women helping women.

WMEN’s Mission:

  • To positively change the way the financial services industry works and the role that women play within the financial services organizations.
  • To positively change the way women think when they engage with money and to inspire them to take control over their finances so that they can live life on their terms.


Wishing you the financial freedom to live your life on your terms