Gender On Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities for Women In Financial Services Available now from from Palgrave Macmillan.

The Book

Gender On Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities for Women In Financial Services

This Book:

  • Helps women identify the internal and external obstacles preventing them from realizing their vision.
  • Provides insights and exercises to develop a strategy for career success
  • Showcases confidence building and collaboration techniques to better create work environments that support their values and goals.

This book contains advice and direction for women who are either seeking a career or who have already embarked on a career in financial services. The book first aims to help the female reader gain clarity on her motivation in pursuing a career in finance. It then identifies potential gender-specific challenges that could create problems if she is unaware or unconscious to her surrounding work environment. Lastly, it provides insights and exercises to develop a strategy for career accomplishment.

Written by a former senior financial executive for several fortune 500 firms including M&M Mars, a Wealth Manager/Owner of a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory firm, and Director of the personal financial planning program at the University of South Florida, the book will help women identify pitfalls, create game plans to transcend the limitations of their workplace cultures, and learn how to collaborate with their peers to create healthier work environments.

Told through personal stories, anecdotes from other women and academic research, Gender on Wall Street helps women identify the internal and external obstacles to their success. This book will also provide a means of overcoming these obstacles through conscious engagement, personal reflection and strategy-building exercises at the conclusion of each chapter. The reader will be guided into creating their own personal career plan—the STAR plan—which will help them achieve career success.


laura web 2"Laura Mattia tells it like it is! This enjoyable read is packed with timely, in-depth research, accompanied by the author's vast insights into the gender gap in the financial services industry and what we all can do to improve the situation. If you work with women in financial services or are considering entering the field you should read this book. Women, this is required reading! Men, do yourself and your bottom line a favor and read this book!"

Sheryl Garrett, CFP® Founder of the Garrett Planning Network.
"Helping to make competent objective financial advice accessible"

“Sitting down with Laura’s book is like sitting with your own personal career coach, knowledgeable friend, and mentor. Using her own experiences and those of other women currently in the financial services business, she offers guidance, tips, and just plain old practical common sense to help you become the success you want to be. A must for all women who are committed to this career, and even those who are just flirting with the idea.”

Deena Katz, CFP, LHD Professor, Personal Financial Planning, Texas Tech University and Co-Founder Evensky& Katz, Foldes Financial, author of 7 books on planning and practice management

"Gender on Wall Street is the right book at the right time and everyone in financial services should read it. Laura Mattia brilliantly combines data with real-life stories to inspire readers to take action. Her inclusive, realistic approach to addressing the lack of gender diversity in the industry is refreshing. She not only highlights how complex the issues are, but also provides a blueprint for change. If you are a female advisor, a woman considering a career in financial services, or a man who believes in gender parity, this book is for you.”

Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, Wealth Psychology Expert & Author, How to Give Financial Advice to Women, How to Give Financial Advice to Couples, and Breaking Money Silence®

gallery 758593427“For the past several years, I have worked with the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning to address the shortage of female CFP® professionals in the financial planning profession. The barriers to entry for women are now well-established, but the collective action needed to take down these obstacles is harder to mobilize and sustain. In her recently released book, "Gender on Wallstreet", Dr. Laura Mattia, a distinguished academic and finance professional, has stepped up to the challenge by focusing on strategies and actions that can be taken by women themselves – particularly those seeking to become CFP® professionals. Drawing on her experience as a financial executive and financial planner in the industry where she mentored many women, her experience teaching female financial planning students and her research related to women and money, Dr.Mattia empowers women themselves to be the engineers of change within financial planning, rather than waiting for others to make it happen.” 

Eleanor Blayney, CFP®
Author of “Women’s Worth” and “Making Room for Women in Financial Planning,” and former Special Advisor on Gender Diversity to CFP Board Center for Financial Planning.

“Laura has written a book for women of all ages and all career stages. As an accomplished financial executive, financial advisor and professor, she has helped many women succeed in corporate positions and financial planning careers. She is passionate about helping all women understand and use the power of money to gain gender equality. I highly recommend "Gender on Wall Street" for women seeking insights and advice from a truly knowledgeable mentor.”

Christine Brown, Financial Planning Association (FPA) Executive

“Dr. Mattia encourages women to strategically prepare and manage their career in financial services. While the industry strives to improve the probability of female success, "Gender on Wallstreet" provides insights, tools and strategies female financial professionals can use to gain control over their career and be triumphant.”

Cary Carbonaro, CFP MBA, author of Money Queen Guide

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