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The final key to gender equality is mastery of money

Published: July 10, 2018 7:57 a.m. ET Market Watch

Women are skilled with finances and should participate fully in money decisions.

Women have made enormous strides working in occupations historically dominated by men, yet social norms in the U.S. continue to restrict women’s progress, particularly in finance. Female fund managers, financial planners, financial analysts, and financial managers are a small fraction, usually under 20%, of financial professionals.

While many financial organizations recognize the need to advance women in financial roles, women themselves must influence change in both the financial sector and around women’s relationship with money, using tools that can ensure their success. Indeed, female mastery of money is the final key to equity among the genders.

This about more than money — it’s about the power and freedom to make choices.

Indeed, this about more than money — it’s about the power and freedom to make choices. Women must realize that understanding, managing, controlling, earning, and spending money confers status, privilege, power, and freedom — and control of everyone and everything that money can buy or influence.

When women acquire financial skills and knowledge, they can tip the scales of gender-linked power in their direction. This is why it’s so important for women to become financial leaders and advisers, so they can encourage other women to become financially engaged.

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