What is the Women’s Money Empowerment Network (WoMEN)?

WoMEN is a place where we share solutions that support women on their quest to gain financial power, in their lives as consumers and in their careers as financial professionals. We are…

A Community of Women Helping Women Master Money

  • As consumers... for our families
  • As professionals... for our society
  • Together... for the world

The Fifth Wave of the Women’s Movement

This is bigger and more important than money. When women are engaged in the financial world, both as professionals and consumers, we can tip the scales and improve all women’s power and ability to live life on our terms. For women to be seen as equals in the world we must participate in important decisions – all which include money. We can’t participate if we don’t understand the influence of money.

We can’t help our families, our communities or the world if we don’t understand how money works.

We know that the women's movement is considered to have occurred in four waves.  I am calling for the fifth wave of the women’s movement – focused on financial engagement, critical to achieving gender equality.  This is a movement we can all support!

Financial Power is Critical to Creating Gender Equality Once and For All

We believe we need a fifth wave in the movement, where women take responsibility and control over those things that create power inequality.

Social scientists believe that gender inequities are created by who controls the resource - money.

Understanding, controlling, managing, spending and earning money provides status, power, freedom and control of everyone and everything that money can buy. As women holding these abilities over money tips the scales and balances power.

These abilities allow us as women to live our lives on our own terms, not someone elses. It allows us to stay away or to leave a destructive and unhealthy relationship whether at work or at home. It gives us confidence and security to enjoy our lives with less uncertainty. We no longer require a man to stand in as our financial plan. Sure we want our men to be our friends and our lovers but we want to be with them because we can’t imagine our lives without them, not because we need them for sustenance. This is life changing and it is attainable for all of us.

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