Dr. Mattia is the author of the forthcoming book "Gender On Wall Street: Uncovering Opportunities For Women In Financial Services" coming out spring 2018 from Palgrave Macmillan.

WoMEN is a place where we share solutions that support women on their quest to gain financial power.


Our goal is to inspire each other and to educate and support those who need to catch up and want to learn. Understanding money is not that difficult and the financial concepts that most women need to understand are absolutely attainable.


In the past “the system” of money has purposefully used vernacular and venues intended to intimidate. Our discussions, columns, radio show, workshops, seminars and other materials are designed to make the basics accessible and relatable for all women and answer questions related to how money can be used to achieve our best lives.


The Women’s Money Empowerment Network is a community of women engaged in mastering money systems and processes so that we can take control over our lives. In our society money remains a source of power. We focus on how we operate within two key money systems;  

  • How we use money in our lives: All of us use money to enjoy life and make the world a better place. Our network empowers all women to take control over money so that we can use it to make a better world for ourselves, our family and friends and society. 
  • How we navigate within the money machine: Some brave women have chosen to work inside the money machine. The machine was designed a long time ago when women did not participate. Women are now involved in reworking how the machine works so that it better serves both genders and the world. Our network also supports these women so that all of us benefit. 

The Women’s Movement Revisited


We know that the feminist women's movement is considered to have occurred in three waves.

  1. the first wave was in the 20's focused on women's suffrage,
  2. the second was of course in the 60's focused on gender inequality and
  3. the third wave in the 90's seems to have been a do over from the 60's but did not introduce anything new.
  4. We believe we need a fourth wave now in the 2010’s, where women take responsibility and control over those things that create power inequality.


Social scientists believe that gender inequities are created by systems of control over resources such as money.

It is hypothesized that we will experience socioeconomic transformation only if the system of resource control ends. Both genders must be able to control the resources. 


Money as a resource is power. Understanding, controlling, managing, spending and earning money provides status, power, freedom and control of everyone and everything that money can buy. As women holding these abilities over money tips the scales and balances power.


These abilities allow us as women to live our lives on our own terms, not someone elses. It allows us to stay away or to leave a destructive and unhealthy relationship. It gives us confidence and security to enjoy our lives with less uncertainty. We no longer require a man to stand in as our financial plan. Sure we want our men to be our friends and our lovers but we want to be with them because we can’t imagine our lives without them, not because we need them for sustenance. It can be life changing and it is attainable for all of us.


This is not about hating men. This is about recognizing that the traditional money systems that were built by men for men are not working as well for us.


Women in the Money Machine – Female Financial Advisers


Female characteristics related to building relationships and solving problems that help their clients live better lives align with a career as a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®). So why are only 23% of the CFP® in the US women? That number has not changed in a decade. The CFP® Board’s Women Initiative asserts that women are turned off by firms pushing product sales.

There seems to be a disconnect between what we want to achieve in our work as a Financial Planner and what large financial services firms are focused on.


We are thinking about our client’s best interest but we wonder if the companies and organizations care, or are they just thinking about shareholders? Our mission is to help the industry create a more supportive environment where this type of conflict does not exist. We support the firms that allow women to work with the intention of truly helping their clients. We also support the many women planners who like the idea of helping other women, regardless of the size of their assets.

Become Empowered to Make the Best Financial Decisions For Your Life

There is a difference between financial advice based upon high quality scientific principals and agenda driven information. Most information and programs in the media are designed to sell you something. Even the “experts” in the media have agendas and biases. If nothing else they want to grab your attention and hook you into watching. Entertainment is not quality advice. What you receive are sound bites and stories but what you want is a real understanding so that you can make informed decisions that are right for you and your life. We get it and that is what we promise to offer - genuine unbiased and objective, high quality information. Our objective is to empower you to use money to positively impact your life.

WoMEN is a network of Women Helping Women.

  • We support women financial planning professionals
  • We support women who want to learn more about their situation with money and want to learn more about money in general
  • We provide opportunities for women to connect, to get the support they need from compassionate and intelligent women who want to help.

We are women helping women.

WMEN’s Mission:

  • To positively change the way the financial services industry works and the role that women play within the financial services organizations.
  • To positively change the way women think when they engage with money and to inspire them to take control over their finances so that they can live life on their terms.


Wishing you the financial freedom to live your life on your terms